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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Austin's Late Season Buck

This year was a tough year for me since I passed on a few decent bucks and I was starting to second guess my choices. With only a few days left in the season I decided to hunt a funnel on the north side of an ag field since the wind was blowing out of the northwest. Jesse Swann was hunting the south side of the same field that evening. The temperature plummeted down to single digits and the deer started moving well. They seemed a bit less stressed since gun season had ended several weeks ago.

The buck stepped out into a clearing with plenty of light left. He gave me a 40-yard broadside shot so I drew back and launched an arrow down range. It was a long shot for me and I couldn't really tell if I had made a good hit because he ran a few yards just out of my line of sight. Jesse was watching my shot through his binos from 90 yards away so he could clearly see me draw and shoot. I had no idea that the buck only made it about 40 yards and collapsed in a ravine.

After the shot I heard Jesse whistle from across the field. I looked up and saw him jumping up and down and fist pumping the sky. I knew then that the buck was down. Of course we had a tough time dragging him out but it was an awesome hunt and I definitely appreciated all of Jesse's help and encouragement that evening. It was a great way to end an awesome bow hunting season!


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